Markham Milliken

The lot of the linked house is pretty small so we have to make it functional and interesting. A Chinese garden design is given to the lot. Water symbolizes prosperity so a fish pond is built at the backyard. A wood bridge over the fish pond leads people from a new patio to a quiet gold fish watching spot. A fire pit on a different stone texture from the patio is set beside the fish pond. An outdoor kitchen divides the backyard into two gathering places, one for a dinning place and another one for small group chatting. A deck at higher level with a high wood bar gives another layer to the backyard. A wood made planter with ornamental grasses was added to the small backyard, serving as a decoration, and a space divider. Honeysuckle climbing up the wood fence not just covers the old panels but also brings back emotional feelings from China culture. A line of green emerald cedar trees cover old fence panels from looking. Different trees, flowers, shrubs, and ground covers are arranged both at the backyard and in the front.

A new stair with a larger deck is created to the front door. A new wood structure is hung over the door entrance, adding interesting attraction to the house. A new wood gate is built to match the over hung structure. River rock against the neighbour side adds texture to the front view. A stand light post is set up inside a new flower bed beside the garage giving a direction to the front door.