Richmond Hill Shi Family

The father of the family loves wood and the mother has a good taste of art. They have two little lovely girls. Our plan was to create a nice pergola type outside office at the backyard for the daddy, special stone shape for the mommy , sand pit for the two girls and a vegetable garden for the family, and for sure a patio for friends. To add wood elements, we built two low wood decks to connect functional areas and separate spaces. The wood benches under the pergola create sitting areas, and serve as outdoor camping beds so family members can lie down and enjoy night time at the backyard in summer. The lawn in the middle of the backyard gives a soft touch to the final result. The backyard looks big and interesting when the transformation is done.

The front yard is another story. The family does not have time to maintain a green lawn so we converted the front into a nice looking dry creek like garden. “Rivers and islands” are set into the design. The curve stone path symbolizes river and the mulch areas with future plants are islands. A small wood bridge is built to match the backyard style. The transformation makes the front an attractive curb view.