What do our clients think

Helen and her team was wonderful to work with. Workers are all very punctual, quick, hardworking and friendly. Helen was very professional and responsive. Overall, I'm quite satisfy with the work that they did. Would for sure recommend them!

rr mm

Aug 14, 2019

HPL Green is a great company! They do amazing work and are very professional. Helen and Peter take care in putting their best work into there projects and the results speak for themselves. They are a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend them for your next project. Thank you Helen and Peter for all your hard work!

Justin I

Aug 13, 2019

Wow! Thanks so much Helen! I've been very happy with your service and recommended to several of my friends already.

Joseph C

Jun 3, 2019

Peter and Helen are great to deal with. They were very accomodation to our wants and needs and we are very pleased with the finished result.

James Fung

Oct 26, 2017

Communication is smooth. Project is on schedule.

Yuzong Song

Aug 27, 2016

Very good of demonstration of honesty and respect.

Ian Datin

July 12, 2015

Good workmanship. Very cooperative.

Mel Wasserman

Apr 22, 2015

This project is very well designed. All constructions on the lot were completed with high degree of effectiveness. Clean ups are perfectly finished, all aspects of the construction are satisfactory.

Fang Liu

Sep 15, 2014

This project is reconstruction in our backyard patio and front driveway. After comparing the different jobs done, we feel that we found the right people and they did RIGHT job, EXCELLENT job!

Paul Lin and Mingxin Jiang

Oct 25, 2013

Hi Peter, Thank you very much for the job on the retaining wall. Jocelyn and I are very happy with the quality of the job.I am sending you pics I took during the work, these are the ones I think best show the quality workmanship. Please feel free to use. If a future customer would like to see it, please call us and let us know they are coming. Looking forward to seeing you in late Aug/early Sep for the Fence/interlock work and the planting of cedars. FYI. Our neighbors (the shared fence side) also mentioned that they were thinking of putting an interlock back patio also. Thanks,

Ken Jeung and Jocelyn Hu

July 9, 2012

A lot of material was used; Concerned with drainage of water; Assisted with difficult fence project; Open to requests; Friendly workers; Cleaned up after work; Worked long hours; Considered difficult drainage around door area; Created a level entrance to backyard. I appreciate the work you did. Continue to suggest the most efficient use of space, because you were the only person to recommend removing the deck. I would appreciate if you come by check the work in a few months.

Philip Hardie

Apr 22, 2012