Newmarket Yonge Mulock House

Zhu family recently moved to a new place and wanted to settle down in a cozy indoor and outdoor home. There was an existing deck at the backyard. The purposes of the transforming are to create a focal point for the large backyard, to set a vegetable garden and to add another gathering place. A nice shaded area under two existing trees is selected for a new patio. A set of 3 besalt fountain with river rock is chosen as the focal point. The fountain is set on the way to the new patio and it could be viewed from all sides. The walk path is set aside of the property line to embrace a large piece of lawn in the middle of the backyard. The vegetable garden is set on a slope facing afternoon sun lights.

The front entrance is at the high point of the lot. We cleared the messy plants at the entrance and created new stairs, one to the door and another to the side of the house. The armour stone looks so solid that it makes the house a strong built feeling. The arrangement of the armour stone also create new planting areas and the plants give a welcome home sign to the family members when they come back home. A special shape stone was selected and was set at the front as a security guard for the home owners.